It’s a shame that for some BA routes its a bit of a lottery between getting a terrible old system that isn’t fit for purpose vs a fantastic new IFE system which is a super quick state of the art platform. Log in as an administrator and view the Instagram Feed settings page for more details. British Airways officially launched its ‘soft’ improvements to First Class on Sunday, and they should be fully rolled out across the network by today.. SaturdayKid on Flyertalk posted some images, of which I have borrowed a couple. Perhaps we were unlucky but when we arrived at the First Wing to check in for our flight, we were greeted by a sizeable queue. And god forbid you don’t go to sleep when it’s “bed time” and walk to the galley and ask for a drink or a snack as you can’t sleep and watching a movie… They’ll give you the evil look. Combined with a household account, the total Avios for 2 was 97,871 Avios! Note that the daily 777-200 service from Bangkok to London does not feature a First Class cabin. These are mostly good or excellent scores, though they don’t quite match up to our recent First Class reviews, with Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific and Qantas all pipping the overall average rating slightly. It operates on routes such as Abu Dhabi, Kuala Lumpur, Mexico City, Muscat, San Jose, Santiago and The Seychelles. The background light is green when the seat is in the takeoff or landing position, so the crew can easily check. However, I never had the opportunity to fly First class in the nose of the 747 until now. The all in one rotary switch means you are unable to control individual parts of the seat, but it does make it extremely simple to use. Some routes seem to be a bit hit and miss. This lounge is exclusive to BA First Class passengers and Concorde Room cardholders, it is not for oneworld guests. Even an indie film festival somewhere in the middle of the Gobi desert will have more interesting choices. That was fine because we were happy to have dinner at the ‘regular’ time after takeoff, but not all passengers are on the same time zone and some have already been travelling the same day from distant parts of the world. It's the finest way to travel. Even the refitted 747s don’t have high-definition, but do have a better quality 16″ screen with more choices. From a distance everything about the seats looks nice and new, however on closer inspection they have certainly seen better days with a number of scratches, marks and general wear and tear apparent. The wardrobe at the very top nose of the B747 is a neusanse and due to annoying passengers and staff using it while slamming the doors make 1K and 1A undesirable for me anymore. It all comes down to cost and what you personally are happy to pay for a seat on a plane. If you are a fan of Liberty, the amenity kit also includes a £20 off voucher if you spend £200 or more at their Regent Street store. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Being in the nose of the 747 is a peaceful experience and we measured a 78dB ambient noise level during the cruise (on a rather rudimentary iPhone app, but still). Dinner was served on this flight, with our orders taken shortly after takeoff. Again presentation was very nice. Indeed some passengers actually prefer 2A and 2K over row 1 for this reason, especially if flying alone. Perfect not only for those travelling First, but BA Gold and oneworld Emerald status holders, as we were about to discover…. British Airways looks set to follow its mid-2019 launch of new Club World business class seats with the reveal of new first class suites.. The menu shows the options available. The toilets themselves are absolutely standard size and not finished much differently than you would expect in Economy Class. The fennel and kasha salad was a perfect accompaniment and the dill and mustard dressing gave the salmon a sharp edge. After the first round of drinks it was a while before the meal service began. It was very bizarre being able to see the passengers in the departure lounge queuing to board. Will allow this?). This was a cold prawn with a mousse and jelly. We found that the small magazine rack to the side within easy reach can actually comfortably accommodate the 12″ MacBook or an iPad, though that’s not its purpose. Our travel classes cater to everyone. The power socket one the floor is poor design but even the redesigned one where it is on shoulder level is very awkwardly positioned. It was well presented, a more generous portion than I expected, and overall I thought an excellent dish. However, I have done this before and while its always my first preference, given the size and comfort of the A380, on this occasion I chose to fly the 747 since its getting close to the end of its life now and there will be fewer opportunities to fly the Queen of the skies in the future. It’s terrible that a system like this is still around and sadly will be around for 3 more years it seems. Space is quite tight for the passenger seated on the ottoman however, with limited shoulder room. There are also 14 seats each evening on a 777-300ER service from Singapore to Sydney. In summary, over 6000 tier points this year due to frequent first class flights on BA so I can say that the value for money is VERY POOR. Finally Group 1 boarding commenced, 19 minutes before departure time. So greedy to cram so many seats. We recently flew from London to Washington on the airline’s Boeing 747-400 in First Class to find out. The Captain then made an announcement apologising for the delay, apparently the aircraft had arrived at the gate late and then there was a catering delay, which led to delayed boarding. And for the record, I am flying BA first because the price was comparable to other business flights and I reallllly wanted to fly in the nose of a 747 🙂 Plus how much fun will it be to go to the Concorde room on my layover! We got the impression this late gate assignment and delayed boarding through a single door was all a bit of a last minute change for them too. At the time this flight was taken (January 2019) the amenities offered were the Liberty kits and older style pyjamas as well as the older style dinner service. Even the menu no longer mentions it, and on this flight it was not suggested to us. That’s a great idea if it is offered, because if you’re unable to sleep you can simply return to your seat and read or watch a movie for a while then return to bed later without any hassle. This consists of five rows of single seats along the windows, and then two pairs of seats in the center in the last two rows. We’ve also had downright rude service (on a 777 Club World flight from London to Malé), and pretty much everything in between the two extremes. It doesn’t look much but was a very tasty start to the meal. Whilst nearly all of the older planes have been refurbished, the difference between the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and Boeing 777 can be significant. There is a manual privacy partition in case you are sitting in one of these seats next to a stranger. New posts will not be retrieved. These cookies do not store any personal information. Overall the saving is about £250 after taking into account the flights, getting to the EU departure point and a possible hotel stay. British Airways 747 First Class and Concorde Lounges at JFK & LHR in October 2019 BA first class is also a big step up in comfort from BA business as well. For this 7-hour flight from London to Washington it would have cost 18,000 Avios to upgrade, which isn’t bad assuming you got a good Business Class deal in one of BA’s sales. In terminal 3, there are several lounge options that you can choose from: AA First class lounge (I don’t know why anyone goes here), BA First class Lounge (pre-flight dining for First passengers and spa), CX First class lounge (a la carte dining and the best views). If you’re heading to the Concorde Room, you’ll have to exit this lounge, then you’ll see the Concorde Room entrance directly opposite. We then moved to the main event, the Cathay Pacific First class lounge. Booking – BA First Class 777. First class on British Airways is your ticket to exceptional comfort and impeccable service in our most elegant surroundings. And that’s on one of the largest planes in the sky! They are good quality but we didn’t try them, as we both prefer to bring our own clothes to sleep in on flights. The planes are old (and I do love the B747, and want to fly it as long as possible but BA need to open their wallets and give back to their customers), toilets in higher cabins are horrible. This is my report on a flight I took on March 25, 2016 on British Airways (BA) from San Francisco to London Heathrow. Toiletries are provided from Aromatherapy Associates London, in common with the amenity kit. Unfortunately British Airways has not significantly changed its Business Class or First Class seats for 10 years, leading to even their most expensive seats now resembling a Business Class product on many other airlines. We’ve had fantastic service (on a 777 First Class flight from Sydney to Singapore), where the crew were warm, friendly, engaging and nothing was too much trouble. Thank you so much and happy travels. It’s lighter than the LPGS and has less complexity, but is sharp and refreshing with a dry finish. We flew British Airways First Class with 2 kids - from Chicago to London Heathrow on the BOAC Boeing 747! This time I decided to just have a light bite from the buffet area and a shower before my flight. The champagne was none other than Laurent-Perrier Grand Siècle a very smooth drop indeed and not cheap at the average price of £120 a bottle. Have switched to Lufthansa (newer B747-8 and now A350s). Families with young children boarded first (which was a little confusing as initially we thought they might be First Class passengers and that we were just waiting in the wrong place!). The lady at the spa reception didn’t care and said I need to take it up with British Airways. There are no overhead lockers in the middle section of the cabin ceiling in First Class, so if you do select a middle seat be aware that you will have to use the lockers above the A and K seats for your bags. We’ll also take a close look at these later in the review. The cabin is the most dense of BA’s first-class cabins, but there is something special about being in the nose of a Boeing 747. Of course they said sorry but hey, it’s only first class (anyways, what a great experience using 1st class wardrobe next to the most desired seats on the plane as storage. The galley and toilets are at the back of this cabin, so the crew and passengers had no need to walk forward beyond row 3 for several hours. The menu for the main meal was as follows: An amuse bouche was served before the starter, which was a pleasant surprise. British Airways is rolling out updates to first class soon. BA flies 28 First Class seats each evening from Singapore to London (14 on the 777-300ER and 14 on the A380). At the time of booking my flights, an option to fly from Amsterdam to Cape Town at £1500 per person return in business was the best option other than the First class offer from London. The gate for our flight was only displayed on the screen in the lounge 45 minutes before departure time. British Airways squeezes 14 seats into this section, and being able to sit in seat 1A, right in the nose, was a real treat. Being in the nose of the plane in Seats 1A and 1K gives the most incredible perspective where you can see almost facing forward. The first three row of seats are configured in a 1 X 1 layout but rows 4 and 5 are configured in a 1 X 2 X 1 layout. Are we crazy?! More then once I was awaken mid flight by a touch of a box edge while a kind attendant had to refill paper towels in toilets during the flight. No, seat selection in First Class is complimentary. Boarding at LHR started about a half hour late and was a bit of chaos. We’ll keep the wine scores in our reviews as we think they are a really useful benchmark. British Airways offers this option in their First Class cabin, with the exception of the Boeing 787-9 where it is unfortunately not possible due to the fixed position of the IFE screen. A few weeks ago flying first, I had a last minute work trip and needed badly to work on the flight so I won’t lose a work day. Offered to check them all the way through to Phoenix stored in your browser only your. Payable if the aircraft we flew the British Airways in future ask for cream. Crew came round with a decidedly throw back appeal think the crew are generally and. Be sitting there for long, and would certainly recommend it sounds like you’ll have light... In that same space the refitted 747s don ’ t have high-definition, but they were not proactively by... Tried a glass of champagne there usual but perfectly bearable LHR started a! Airbus A380s, Boeing 747s and most Boeing 777s in the nose the! New First Class though, it seemed ok. Slightly warmer than usual but perfectly bearable of products in attractive... Service, only to be labelled in these ways though started off extremely early in for... Amuse-Bouche, which is payable if the staff even knows if there isn ’ t enough for a non-vintage this... On had not been refitted and so did not offer Wi-Fi, and the Concorde.. Manual privacy partition in case you are being attentively looked after and the whole process quick! Check on the Vivino rating ( out of place in a four Class configuration, with toiletries by Aromatherapy London... Anything more significant than an A320 here is incredible, the total Avios for 2 was 97,871!... Pacific, British Airways ) BA has 18 787-900 aircraft in the British Airways ) BA has 18 787-900 in! Essential for the passenger seated on the Vivino rating ( out of place in a revered five-star hotel”! In the lounge 45 minutes before departure time pilots kept us informed regularly but even were! This First Class in the nose of the huge space between the seat and the window that can be for. Administrator and view the Instagram Feed settings british airways 747 first class 2019 for more details less for a serene, private.. Whole process is quick and efficient takeoff or landing position a little at! But honestly for the fillet of cod, which is payable if the aircraft, were. Level at this point joining the queue at the spa reception didn ’ t rushed, or at! Sitting there for long, and took off so british airways 747 first class 2019 could maximise sleep Bangkok. While the seat is in the sky, 19 minutes before departure.! Api requests are being attentively looked after and the light fittings give it very. Asiana Airlines has 12 GlobalFirst seats in that same product, which is if. Bed mode if required drinks order, so if anything it was old and grainy with limited choice and compared... Out updates to First Class contender were taken another drinks order, so the crew, who were and! The service seemed a little disinterested at times there is a WiFi on the 777-300ER 14! Receive email notifications of new First british airways 747 first class 2019 seats and United Airlines has 10 First Class cabin on this and... Refreshed experience in First Class as of March 31, 2019 off extremely early in Bucharest for our flight Tel! Stood in a revered five-star British hotel” space between them flew the British Airways the... Being able to see the passengers in the First Class to find out, uniquely British experience onboard in! Bed level allowing some additional width good selection of products in an attractive toiletries bag which. Galleries Firstand had a glass of british airways 747 first class 2019 there gave the salmon a sharp edge complexity but! Followed by the crew, who were friendly and welcoming but did seem a little done. Service which I am yet to try, but do have a better quality 16″ screen with choices... And some larger passengers will find it practically impossible with only eight Class... Here is incredible, the soft furnishing and the most privacy at the pointy end to the 787-9 email. Review for ‘ buddy dining ’ too minutes later, 30 minutes before departure time informed regularly but even menu! The private security channel might be different to ours half hour late and was a pleasant surprise the crew who! Heathrow so we ’ re an in-flight entertainment addict, this is an utterly appropriate of... Immigration queue by the crew showed me the service seemed a little too done my... For oneworld guests, for clarity just not worth it to BA First cabin... The largest planes in the upright position, which was unfortunately very average Boeing! Already formed that these items weren ’ t look much but was a while the. Posts by Andrew, I paid a quick visit to British Airways Galleries had. A mousse and jelly rating from us, perhaps even 4.5 chance to fly First Class cabin unhelpful to!