This is what you need to know when you buy seafood. Deep fried snapper with green mango salad. The salmon roe harvest in the Yarra Valley is spectacular as the fish laden with eggs are anaesthetised in a bath of clove oil-induced water and their jewel-like orange roe ‘milked’. Tasmanian-based chef Masaaki Koyama (Masaaki’s Sushi Geeveston) heads out in the misty mornings on the Huon River to haul up eel nets set the night before, grilling his catch and brushing with a delicious soy glaze. Revered chef Peter Gilmore (Quay, Bennelong) shares his signature Australian dish of red claw yabbies and buckwheat pikelets. Peter Conistis' inventive moussaka of eggplant, seared scallops and taramasalata. Grilled calamari, oyster sauce and coastal greens. Aired 10 October at 8 pm on SBS and then catch-up on SBS On Demand. A cheese and leek topped pie made with perfect white fish, smoked fish, salmon and plump prawns is chef Nelly’s Robinson’s (Nel Restaurant) favourite dish from childhood. In Senegal, the national dish of fish and rice is called thieboudienne, served on a huge communal platter. Aired 22 August at 8 pm on SBS and then catch-up on SBS On Demand. Larger than life Greek chef Thomas Deliopoulos (Mykonos Restaurant, Kalimera Souvlaki) shows how to create two perfect dishes using a mighty five-kilo octopus – preserved in oil and cooked over charcoal. Squid ink tagliolini with calamari, bottarga and salmon roe. In Tasmania James Ashmore (Ashmore Foods Tasmania) demonstrates how he preserves wakame and Tasmania’s favourite Japanese chef Masaaki Koyama (Masaaki’s Sushi) uses wakame to create a salad with octopus finished with a dressing using dashi. Australia’s most acclaimed chef Tetsuya Wakuda (Tetsuya’s, Waku Ghin Singapore) celebrates the less popular species of fish which he says are actually more delicious, especially blue or slimy mackerel which he uses raw and cures with slices of dried kelp to create an inventive salad with shaved fennel. Food Safari is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (97 episodes). See more ideas about italian recipes, recipes, food. The secret to a perfect seafood meal lies in the raw material – the seafood itself must be of impeccable quality. Source: Kismet Productions, Moussaka of eggplant, seared scallops and taramasalata. Aired 7 November at 7.30pm on SBS and then catch-up on SBS On Demand. Food Safari Water joins the pumping kitchen at the popular Golden Century which specialises in live fish and seafood and Eric Wong explains the cultural significance and meaning of eating a whole fish. The fish that launched a thousand ships – salted dried cod – is a delicious comfort food treat for chef Jose Silva (Bibo Wine Bar) – his Bacalhau à Brás recipe sees cod soaked and cooked in a rich sauce with slowly cooked onions, eggs and shoestring potatoes. He confides that he sometimes eats 50 at a sitting! Thanks to Billy and David Boustead, Jimmy Shu (Hanuman), Carmelo Lombardo (De Costi Seafoods), Steve Hodges (Sydney Fresh Seafood), Alberto Fava (Tipo 00), Alex Olsson (Olsson’s Salt), Lino Sauro (Olio Kensington Street). Food Safari is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. Somer Sivrioglu stuffing mussels which he eats Istanbul style, using the shell as a scoop. Food Safari returns in a blaze of glory to explore how cultures across the world cook with fire. Source: Kismet Productions. Thanks to Lennox Hastie (Firedoor), Ben Nguyen (Hai Au Lang Nuong), Liên Yeomans, Quan Yeomans and family, Andrew McConnell (Cumulus Inc, Cutler & Co, Supernormal), Mariana Despot-Maric, Ranko Despot (Balkan Seafood Restaurant), Pham Thanh Thuy, Michael Manh, Simon Anicich, Luke Daniels, Nathan Cattel, Thuan Phong Fish Market, Queen Victoria Market, Deep Blue Seafoods, Angela Christopolous. SBS acknowledges the traditional owners of country throughout Australia. Presenter of SBS Food Food Safari Maeve O'Meara popped in for a visit earlier this week, scouting the best local eats for a food tour in 2021. Thai-Australian cafe owner and farmer Palisa Anderson (Boon Café) makes jungle curry using butterflied whiting while Spanish chef Gerardo Iglesias makes fideua in a paella pan on the jetty at Geelong, Victoria. Malaysian Chinese chef Victor Liong (Lee Ho Fook) shares his version of the Chinese tradition of making XO sauce while chef Frank Camorra (Movida) shows a simple Spanish recipe for pickling sardines with an escabeche sauce. Italian chef Gabriele Taddeucci (Balla) slices beautiful red emperor for a classic crudo, dressed with blood orange and olive oil. Thanks to Alex Lee (Alex Lee Kitchen), Ginger and Spice, Clive and Layla Perryman, Chris Jin (China Doll), Aissatou Ba and family (Tastes of Senegal), Luiza Yu Gomes (1821, The Civic Hotel, Universal Hotels Catering), Fouad Kassab and family (Quirky Cooking's Life-Changing Food), Lynne Hendrix, Ana Luisa de Brito Machado, Pao de Queijo by Ana, Brazilian Festival, Cinthia Nascimento. Maeve O'Meara is back in Food Safari Water. Maeve visits the inspiring Ricupero family who settled in Jarrahdale outside Perth where they grow vegetables on a … Episode 7: Chinese. Thanks to James Palanowski (Candy Ab), Frank Shek (China Doll), Peter Hardwick, James Ashmore (Ashmore Foods Tasmania), Masaaki Koyama (Masaaki’s Sushi), Yarra Valley Caviar, Peter Conistis (Alpha Restaurant), Olsson’s Salt, Eric Wong  (Golden Century Seafood Restaurant), Marigold Citymark, Thai Shun Co, Tyla Yap (Asian Inspirations), Mud Australia.